Contemporary Art Days Festival

One of the leading BCC events, held for 29 years is Contemporary Art Days festival. The festival is the oldest and largest of this kind in the region, acquainting the inhabitants with valuable and current events in contemporary arts, especially theatre. It presents interesting events and activities in the fields of theatre (alternative, puppet, dramatic theatre, and others), film, music, dance, media arts, literature, visual arts and more. The guests of the festival, which usually estimates over a hundred artists, are alternative groups of Polish and foreign artists. In previous years they were i.a. Theatre of the Eighth Day, Travel Agency Theatre, Needcompany, Tanztheater Derevo, Hiroaki Umeda, Chorea Theatre, Klaus Obermaier, Otwock Commune and dozens of other artists from Poland, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Iceland and other parties of the world. A growing number of admirers, participants and partners of MAD is an evidence of its significant potential and the role of the festival in the region. In recent years, the event programme revolves around the motto, this year’s motto is ‘Polyphony. Alternative narratives.’ This was an opportunity to look at the diversity of perception and polyphonic narratives in reality that surrounds us and the condition of modern man. Numerous dance theater and interdisciplinary events are organized. Contemporary Art Days Festival were held in Bialystok from 29th May to 7th June 2014.
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