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Film Podlasie Attacks! This initiative aimed at popularization of all varieties of independent cinema from the north-eastern Poland. Action was born in 2004 in the minds of amateur filmmakers from Podlasie and employees of the Bialystok Cultural Centre. The initiative was started in the Podlasie region – a place where many cultures and religions coexist, the land of artists, European bisons, wild nature and an unique potential, which is reflected in the original creative activities. Our action is a kind of film gateway connecting all the best in Eastern Europe with the best elements of Western Europe! FPA! This unique local action owns its success to the local energy and inborn … sense of humour. Until now shows of FPA! have been held in over 50 cities across Poland and beyond its borders: in Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Germany. FPA is shown in small towns and large urban areas, presentations are held in cinemas, pubs, during film festivals and biggest music festivals, academic seminars and in the open air. The videos shown represent all genres, their authors are artists awarded in national festivals and amateurs, who previously presented their works only to the closest friends. During FPA there is a chance to watch various films directed by: poets, journalists, students of art schools and film, visual artists, lecturers from higher education institutions and independent, non-commercial filmmakers. Artists, who are members of the FPA! participated in international exchange programmes and film workshops as teachers or trainers. Additional information: www.filmowepodlasieatakuje.pl and www.facebook.com / filmowepodlasie To organize FPA! film show please contact us at: kino@bok.bialystok.pl or call 85 742 23 70 A competition for the best film in the action PODLASIE FILM ATTACKS is organized every year in Bialystok Cultural Centre!
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