International Animation Day

The International Animation Day is the main global event to celebrate the art of animation. This day commemorates the first public performance of Charles-Émile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris, on October 28th, 1892. His public performance of animation entered the history of optical entertainments as shortly predating the camera-made movies. In recent years, the event has been observed in more than 50 different countries with more than 1000 events, on every continent, all over the world. IAD was initiated by ASIFA, International Animated Film Association, a member of UNESCO.

October 27th | Forum Cinema | 5 PM | tickets: 10 PLN

Louise, an old lady, finds herself stranded in a seaside resort after the last train of the holiday season has left the station. But far from panicking, the fearless Louise decides to stay, no matter what awaits her. And the worst does await her: foul weather, heavy rains, high tides. Under such circumstances, will this new Robinson achieve her goal and manage to survive amidst the raging elements?


louise plakat


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