Review of New Romanian Cinema

Romanian Culture Institute has the pleasure of inviting you to the Forum Cinema to the Review of New Romanian Cinema. The audience will be able to watch several recent important and rewarded Romanian films.

Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa Street
Tickets: 10 PLN (for a single movie), 70 PLN (pass for all films)

December 12th
6:15 PM Aferim! (2015)
8:15 PM Ana, mon amour (2017)

December 13th
6:30 PM The Treasure (2015)
8:15 PM Two Lottery Tickets (2016)

December 15th
6 PM Child’s Pose (2013)
8:15 PM Box (2015)

December 17th
6:30 PM The Forest (2014)

Aferim! (2015)
Director: Radu Jude
Cast: Teodor Corban, Mihai Comanoiu, Toma Cuzin, Alexandru Dabija, Luminita Gheorghiu, Victor Rebengiuc
Set in early 19th century Wallachia, when a local policeman, Costandin, is hired by Iordache, a boyar (local noble), to find Carfin, a Gypsy slave who had run away from the boyar’s estate after having an affair with his wife, Sultana. Costandin sets out to find the fugitive, beginning a journey full of adventures. Gypsy slavery lasted from the 14th century up until the middle of the 19th century, a situation which is very little known and almost nonexistent in the public debate today, although its impact continues to influence Romania’s social life.

Ana, mon amour (2017)
Director: Calin Peter Netzer
Cast: Diana Cavallioti, Mircea Postelnicu, Carmen Tanase
Toma and Ana meet at university. A love affair begins that is full of hopes and dreams and suffused by the feeling that each needs the other in equal measure. Ana has a complicated family background and suffers from severe panic attacks. Middle-class Toma is as shocked as he is fascinated by the deep well of despair he encounters in his beloved. Toma gives Ana his complete support and takes her to see a string of doctors. At the same time the two begin to isolate themselves from their families and friends. Ana’s weakness appears to make Toma stronger. Călin Peter Netzer’s film blends romantic drama with a study of mental illness and how it is overcome. Unfolding like a complex puzzle structured around Toma’s psychoanalytical sessions, the narrative plunges into the past in a series of sustained flashbacks. Scenes from a complex marriage that reveal numerous connections to the repressed depths and taboos of Romanian society.

The Treasure (2015)
Director: Corneliu Porumboiu
Cast: Cuzin Toma, Adrian Purcărescu, Cristian Toma, Nicodim Toma
Costi is a family man whose cash-strapped neighbor makes him an intriguing proposition: help him find the fortune reportedly buried somewhere on the grounds of his family’s country home in Romania and split the profits.

Two Lottery Tickets (2016)
Director: Paul Negoescu
Cast: Dorian Boguță, Dragoș Bucur, Alexandru Papadopol
Three men from a provincial town are in urgent need of money and decide to buy a lottery ticket. They win the lottery, but soon after their ticket gets stolen.

Child’s Pose (2013)
Director: Călin Peter Netzer
Cast: Luminița Gheorghiu, Bogdan Dumitrache
The news of a fatal car accident involving her son will trigger against all odds, a mother’s struggle to set her child free.

Box (2015)
Director: Florin Șerban
Cast: Hilda Péter, Sorin Leoveanu, Rafael Florea
Summer, hot afternoon, street. High heels on the cobblestone. The skirt arches over the hips and dances at the rhythm of the steps. The wind, the hair. The discreet smile of a woman aware she is being watched and admired. Big steps, muscular calves, the T-shirt stretched over the round and strong shoulders. Olive skin. A sports bag carried across the chest and the eyes fixed on the skin of the woman walking just a few steps ahead.

The Forest (2014)
Director: Sinisa Dragin
In 1947, Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito visited, for the first time, Romania. Its communist regime gave him, as present, a painting from a great Romanian artist Ion Andeescu: ‘The Leafless Forest’. In the 60s, a young art critic, Radu Bogdan, decided to elaborate a monograph dedicated to the great painter, including reproduction of the painting given to Tito. After countless problems, he obtained the permission to photograph the painting. The moment they took the painting off the wall, they found – a microphone. Somebody was spying on Tito…


Aferim! Ana mon amour Skarb Masz ci los! Pozycja dziecka Boks Las


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