Publications and merchandise

2 June 2021

Publications and merchandise available for purchase

What you can buy at the Forum cinema or Ludwik Zamenhof Center

2 June 2021

Tell me grandpa, show me grandma

We would like to offer the elderly residents of Białystok a sentimental journey into the past

13 May 2021

Sinjoro Krokodilo card game

Popularizes the figure of Ludwik Zamenhof

6 May 2020

“Białystok Photographers. In front of and behind the Lens 1915-1939” available for download

We recommend the publication about the Białystok photographers

22 April 2020

“Uchwyty 1948-2014” available for download

We recommend the 2014 album about the Factory of Tooling and Chucks in Białystok

11 December 2019

International Language

Reprint of the first Esperanto textbook

11 December 2019

Honorary Citizen

Board game

16 May 2019

Władysław Pietruk: A walk around Białystok

The portfolio contains 15 drawings with descriptions in Polish, English and Esperanto

14 April 2019

Roman Dobrzyński: Zamenhof in Warsaw

The author proposes to take us on a walk through the city of Warsaw following in the footsteps of Ludwik Zamenhof

2 September 2018

Białystok Photographers. In front of and behind the Lens 1915-1939

Over 200 photographs of old Białystok and its inhabitants, as well as texts by outstanding authors and experts in regional history

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